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Harvey Singh id Pioneer in Internet Learning Platforms/Distance Education/Web 2.0. Harvey Singh is the founder of Instancy, an enterprise web and mobile knowledge distribution and workflow company. He is a pioneer in the field of eLearning, Human Performance Technology, and Knowledge Management.

Branded Mobile Learning Native App for your Learning Organization

If you are reading this, then you probably have needs of your own mobile app to build your brand, improve customer engagement and standout from the competition among’st other things. Here, we invite you to a demo of Instancy Mobile Learning App Platform. Instancy enables you to create a branded Mobile Learning Native App for your employees or customers. The native app may be featured on Google and Apple App stores and users may download and run the app on tablets and smartphones. The App Platform is designed to enable you to easily configure the app modules, features and content types that your users need.
Users only have to login to the app to gain access to the content management application server (hosted by Instancy) and access various types of learning and performance support content ranging from eLearning modules, assessments/quizzes, surveys, classroom events, documents, videos and blended learning tracks, discussion forums and more. Users may search through the content or search for peers and experts.

Micro-courses, Assessments and Surveys

Micro-courses, Assessments and Surveys
Create a personalized learning plan for each user and deliver interactive micro-courses, assessments and surveys – on sequence them together into a learning track. A searchable learning catalog and my learning plan module.


Documents, Videos, Image, Audio LibrariesDocuments, Videos, Image, Audio Libraries
Provide on-demand access to content repositories and configure the media types to share documents, videos, images, audio files with your users.


Downloads and Offline AccessDownloads and Offline Access
Enable digital content downloads and offline access. Synchronize user progress data with the server.



Instructor-led Events

Instructor-led Events
Enable your users to browse an event calendar and self-enroll classroom training and webinar events and access related content or online surveys.


Social Learning and CollaborationSocial Learning and Collaboration
Enable users to search peers and experts and engage in social learning, online discussions, submit question to experts (expert knowledge base) and share/upload content. Wiki features enable users to upload various content types.


Cloud-based Administrative Application

Cloud-based Administrative Application
Author mobile courses, upload content, manage users and user groups, view mobile learning activities, dashboards & user progress reports through a centralized web-based application.


Push Notifications Push Notifications
Along with email notifications, Mobile App push notifications may be used to notify users about content assignments and new content availability or send them announcements.


In-App Purchases In-App Purchases
For learning organizations wishing to monetize their content and expertise, a built-in In-App purchase module enables users to purchase content, events or certificates.

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How to Produce Good Quality Audio for eLearning Courses

Learn how to produce a good quality audio for eLearning and mlearning courses. The recording environment and the equipment to produce good audio output.

When putting together an online course, one problem that you can come across is one of audio quality. For the top courses, thousands of dollars of editing, optimization and mastery has gone into making the audio performance absolutely top notch. Seen as many people can lack the funds, the time or the ability to make this possible, though, you have to do more than a few little tricks and tips to make your sound quality absolutely spot on.

It takes a lot of work, though, for sure. To help you make sure that the audio quality for your online course can be as clear as possible to reduce confusion, you need to take a closer at some very important elements. Let’s have a view at what they are.

The Recording Environment

The Recording Environment to produce good quality audio for eLearning courses
The Recording Environment to produce good quality audio for eLearning courses!

The first thing is the recording environment itself. The most common issue to ruin a good online course is to have an echo or a tinny, open effect in the background. It reduces the audio impact and can leave one too many listeners straining to hear.

It’s good to invest in a few acoustic panels to be used in a recording room, and also use some extra coverage such as cushions and even couches to help “trap” the noise into the recording area to stop the expansive of the room being so obvious.

Also, make sure that you have no background noises. From having excessive gain on the sound that creates a distortion effect to having the whole thing recorded in Stereo, not Mono, forcing it to come out of one speaker, there are many mistakes that can be made.

The Equipment Used

The Equipment Used to produce good quality audio for eLearning courses
The Equipment Used to produce good quality audio for eLearning courses!

From what you record on to how you save the audio itself, multiple factors come to life that determines the success or failure of the sound that you are making. To help you get around this problem, we recommend that you look into getting a microphone that can carry the quality of the Heil PR 40. It’s a pod-casters dream, and can be great for making an online course nice and crisp, too.

Also, the best sound formats to work with for the sound is going to be WAV. You can find that it’s quite a high-space sound format but it’s easily the clearest and best. You can also convert WAV into MP3 without much audio loss, and then sync it on top of any of the videos that you are working with.

For sound quality, though, you should always start off with a WAV file. Easy enough to edit and simple enough to sync with a video, they make the best options for making audio learning content that is crisp and clear for all to hear.

So, your two main problems are going to stem from saving in a poor quality audio format, or recording in a poor quality of room. Add some acoustics, use the best mic, and save it in a WAV, and you can find that the audio problem that were holding back your idea from making the most of itself can soon vanish!

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