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How to Add Gamification to Learning Management Systems and eLearning Courses?

Gamification to Learning Management Systems

Gamification is a very useful tool to make the eLearning process exciting and motivational for the learners. When designed correctly, gamification has proven to be very successful in engaging people and motivating them to change behaviors, develop skills or solve problems. Leveraging and applying some of the features used in real games, ‘gamification,’ is being used in many software applications from sales force automation to learning management systems and eLearning.

Gamification should not be applied to follow a fad. The business objectives must be identified, and an analysis done to understand the suitability of gamification to achieve those objectives.

Gamification can be added at two levels:

1. At the learning management level or the overall learning environment
2. At the course level

Some core features of gamification in Learning Management Systems (LMS) include:

– Assigning points to the learners as they interact with the learning management system. For example: Clicking on a course in the catalog on completing a course

– Rewarding the learners by assigning them badges for completing a certain assignment or course. Each badge displays an attractive image and short description.

Badges act as rewards and are presented on the LMS dashboard. The learners can also get information on how to go about earning more badges.

In addition to points and badges, the learner can also achieve different levels. For example, from Novice Level to Expert Level. They can complete all the levels by accumulating a certain number of points within the LMS.

Similar to the LMS level, at the course level, the learner can win points based on completing certain milestones within the course. This may include completing certain topics on modules within the course or they might win points for participating in the course-related discussion forums.

In addition to this, leader boards can be assigned to all the users. The leader board is designed to present top- ranking learners in the overall learning community. Learners can do comparisons with their peers, too. It can be used to show group level or departmental level ranking, so that it can encourage healthy competition at the group level as opposed to the entire learning community and all the users.

The leader board assists in keeping track and recognizing the learners for their participation achievements and performance. This makes the participants feel inclusive to the learning process, which develops a feeling of inclusion.

Organizations may want to convert the points and rewards to tangible awards or rewards. For example: a day off or physical gifts or discounts or other products and services. The rewards or incentives should be meaningful to the participants for them to be engaged.

With millennials forming a large part of the workforce, learning organizations can benefit from gamification by keeping the learners engaged through the gamification process. With a desire for quick results, gamification makes learning fun and engaging.

Instancy provides a Learning Management System that includes a comprehensive gamification engine that allows one to create multiple games for various learning activities. These games can be organized for the entire learning community or might be focused on a specific job role or group.

In addition, Instancy provides a comprehensive content management and authoring system that allows access to course content and awards points, badges etc. It creates a leadership board that encourages and provides incentives and creates a learning community, too.

To learn more about the Gamification in Instancy Learning Management System and the Instancy Authoring System, contact us here

Mobile Learning Management System Makeover

A Complete Mobile Learning Management System Makeover Which Provides Your Learners with Portable Gateway, on the all Mobile Devices like Phones and Tablets.

The Instancy Mobile Learning Management System (Mobile iLMS) was released today with a new user interface. Mobile iLMS comes in two flavors – Mobile Web App (requiring no download from an app store) and a Native App that can be downloaded from an App store. In this post, we’ll talk about the Mobile Web App; more on the Native App in our next article….stay tuned.

What is a Mobile Learning Management System?

A Mobile Learning Management System provides your learners with a single on-demand learning portal and gateway, on the mobile devices (phones and tablets) that they are using today..

Mobile and eLearning Management System Makeover

A mobile LMS lets your learner community use all the features of your LMS on their portable devices.  Learners can search for and enroll in classes, and report their progress.  More importantly, learners can take courses and engage with instructors and other students on their devices.  Learners can view video, audio, documents, tests and assessments and online courses. Each learner can follow a personalized learning track, if that is the way your system is set up.

In other words, a mobile LMS lets your users do everything they used to need a PC for, on their phone or tablet.

Mobile iLMS new interface updates the entire learner experience.


Sign-up with Social Login

By enabling social login, you can make the registration process easy. New users can sign-up with their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter IDs, instead of  asking them to set up yet another new profile and new login credentials to remember.

Sign-up with Social Login

Side Menu Navigation

The menu navigation now offers easy to use side navigation that may accessed from anywhere in the mobile iLMS App. This solves the problem of having many menus on the main app screens that take away much screen space. Users can see where they are and where they can go.

Side Menu Navigation

Content Purchasing Made Easy

If your implementation of the mobile iLMS supports retail sales, the new mobile interface makes the process of buying learning content easier for your clients.

A new shopping cart icon shows the number of items in their shopping cart. Learners can access the shopping cart at any time from catalog listing or from the content details page. Also, users have the choice of paying online with a credit card option or offline (with a purchase order, check, etc.).

Content Purchasing Made Easy

Browsing Content by Category

Users can filter learning content by categories and sub-categories. The “tree view” category structure helps users browse content easily.

Browsing Content by Category

Alphabetical “People Listing”

The “People listing” interface has been improved to search people by alphabetic order. Users can just scroll down to see users’ names by letter of the alphabet.  Names can be sorted by first name or by last name.

Alphabetical "People Listing"

Improved Catalog Interface

The catalog interface has been redesigned to keep easy navigation in mind. Items in the next page of the catalog are loaded when users reach the end of the scroll. This approach reduces bandwidth consumption and loads catalog items faster

Improved Catalog Interface

We are excited about the new Mobile iLMS features and usability.  You can continue to expect innovation from Instancy as we make our entire system easier for both your learning users who consume your learning content, and for your management and support teams who acquire, create and provide this content to your community.