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How SmartPhones and Tablets Transform Mobile Learning

How Smart Phones & Tablets Transform Mobile Learning with Revolutionizing Digital Education and Publishing.

SmartPhones, Tablets Transform Mobile Learning
How SmartPhones and Tablets Transform Mobile Learning

SmartPhones, Tablets and eBook readers are the rage in education and digital publishing industry. With millions of such devices sold and the enthusiastic acceptance and excitement from both educators and students alike, Tablets and Smartphones are revolutionizing digital education and publishing.

What makes these devices so perfect for online learning?

  • They are personal, convenient and suitable for anywhere learning
  • Touch interface to interact with the content – navigate, explore, expand/collapse, move, rotate and more
  • Designed for multimedia experience (photos, videos, music, animation, games)
  • Connected to the internet and servers instantly to access unlimited content and learning resources; fast Internet access via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G
  • Dedicated apps such as email, chat, conferencing for efficient communication
  • Built-in tools to capture video, images, audio, text
  • E-book reader, eLearning and assessment/quiz makers and more

So what kind of content can be delivered on Tablets and SmartPhone?

Mobile devices today are extremely versatile and limited only by our own imagination and creativity. You can use these devices to pack:

  • eBooks
  • eLearning courses
  • Quizzes and exam preparation
  • Audio and video tutorials
  • Documents
  • Virtual classrooms
  • Learning games
  • Push email messaging and notifications and more…

Mobile learning can be delivered in two primary ways:

Standalone App – the content and content player both reside on the mobile device – typically downloaded from an App store like Apple iStore, Google App store, etc. The content player may be separate from the player App or bundled together. A standalone App is self-contained and does not require internet connectivity to function.

Mobile Client – Server or Cloud-based App, on the other hand, establishes connection to the server to either access the content, user information, data/resources or even post information to the server from the device. While requiring internet connectivity, cloud based Mobile apps open a sea of possibilities in terms of instant access to changing and expanding content and data. Student progress and collaboration with peers may also be facilitated in the connected mode.

Smart Phones & Tablets Transform Mobile Learning to Next Level

Instancy helps educators and publishers produce Mobile Apps (iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and more…) for learning and teaching:

  • A mobile learning management system, learning content management system and authoring system
  • Rapid interactive content creation and deployment without requiring programming
  • Stand alone and cloud-based Mobile App configurations
  • Multi-device support and access
  • Blended learning – to support multiple digital content types (eBooks, eLearning, assessments, videos and more)
  • Professional services to help convert your content or re-package your content
  • Support for digital learning standards like SCORM, ePub, Mobi and others