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How to Create Mobile Learning Apps Without any Coding or Programming

Learn How to Create a Mobile Learning Apps without Coding and Scripting that saves your Time and Money, which is simple, robust and complete.

Create Mobile Learning Apps
How to Create Mobile Learning Apps Without any Coding or Programming

The future of learning is mobile. If you haven’t noticed it yourself or among your friends and associates, you’ll read the reports. People are wanting their information whenever they want, where ever they are. You’re paying attention. You know this is the direction everyone is moving towards.

Create Mobile Learning Apps without Coding from Instancy

You’re in the online learning business. You already have an online training platform with one or more courses. You’re not going to wait any longer to take your online training mobile. You’re figuring out how to create a mobile learning app, and what choices are out there.

It’s the next step to take. You’ve seen that iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows Mobile phones are everywhere. Your training needs to be available on all those medium and small devices.

You’re asking questions and doing research. What is the pain-free way to make your online learning platform into an mlearning platform? What solution will be quick, easy, affordable, and efficient? Is there a way to utilize all the work you’ve done for your computer based training? What kind of learning curve is involved? What service has the kind of flexibility and responsiveness you need for my business? How much research will it take to find? How many dead ends will you go down before you find something that will work that way you need it to work? You need a solution as soon as possible.

If you’re not a programmer, or you don’t want to hire a programmer, you’re going to want to check any potential solutions for the following features:

  • Can you create the mobile learning application without programming?
  • Will it create a mobile website? Will you be able to update it from a mobile device?
  • Will it create a mobile app with ability to down load and access content offline? Will you be able to update it yourself?
  • Will you be able to leverage mobile notifications to push learning and knowledge to your learners?
  • Will your mobile app be made available for the Apple store? For the Google Android store?
  • Is it easy to convert your MS Documents for use? What about your other training content?
  • Will you be able to customize your own menus, and add your own logo?
  • Will it deliver quizzes, tests and assessments with all the traditional online answer choices?
  • Will it deliver mobile surveys that can be completed on a mobile device, desktop or both?
  • Will it handle a full catalog of your training, offerings and digital content?
  • Will it allow for registration and payment for courses and events, even with coupons?
  • Will it provide analytics and reporting of registrations, sales, student performance and more?
  • Is there any document sharing capability, as well as document reading via mobile device for PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint slides?
  • Will there be a user database showing the profiles and access privileges?

Does that look like it covers what you’d be looking for?

These are just some of the many dimensions of the solution we developed to create mobile learning apps for you. We have customized our solution to offer what providers of online learning will need.

Our solution gives you the flexibility you need. Fast. Easy. Affordably. Efficiently. Our solution creates mobile learning apps without coding.

You have two easy choices: You can do it yourself with our code-free, template-based system that will lead to a fully equipped and business-ready mobile website and a mobile app for your online training. Or, you can engage our expert services to prepare it on your behalf. Your choice. Whatever works best for you.

Have you heard of Instancy, Inc.? We’re an expert online training and online learning company. We host hundreds of businesses and educational organizations’ trainings on our platform. Now we’re able to offer them and you, one of the easiest and more affordable ways to get your online learning content into mobile devices.

Email us now at info@instancy.com to discuss your specific needs and find out how Instancy can extend the reach of your online training through a state-of-the-art mlearning application.

Find out how Instancy can extend the reach of your online training through a state-of-the-art mobile learning app platform.