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Cloud Based LMS Learning Management System

Learning transgressed the geographical barriers with the advent of online learning systems and the innovation of cloud LMS takes it to a whole new level. Gone are the days when you had to attend classes while taking leave from your work to get some add-on’s to your qualifications and to build a brighter career. With cloud LMS, end-users can access learning via the internet anywhere and on any device.

Cloud Based LMS Learning Management System from Instancy
Cloud Based LMS (Learning Management System) from Instancy

Cloud-Based Learning Management System(LMS) a Simplification for Global Learning Needs

Organizations across the world need to thrive in a very competitive environment and the want their employees to stay ahead and acquire new skills and operate at a higher level of productivity and efficiency. Training providers and educational institutions wish to reach a global audience and provide online courses along with informal learning and collaboration. They do not wish to get slowed down by IT issues and concerns.

With the use of cloud LMS, global learning is possible at your pace at a budget you would really appreciate.  Most training departments do not specialize in IT (Information Technology or internet infrastructure), they specialize in understanding business and user needs and building learning interventions and content to bridge the skill gaps. Cloud LMS gives the ability to move forward with your learning initiatives and deliver the best content in the most time and cost effective manner.

What is Cloud LMS?

Cloud LMS is a cloud based learning management system which comes with a hosted server on an internet infrastructure and can be made available through the internet to the customers or the users located anywhere. The users who need to be registered or enrolled in online courses or virtual classes can access the cloud LMS from any web browser or any device like desktops, tablets, or smart phones and can have access to any feature of the learning management system. There is no need to download and install any software or manage any server or IT infrastructure. The Cloud LMS provides a turn-key solution.

Cloud LMS from Instancy

Instancy provides a cloud learning management system through a hosted application or software-as-a-service that does not require customers and users to worry about any expensive infrastructure or download/update any software. All they need is a web browser or a mobile device to access the full functionality of a modern LMS. Learning organizations or educational institutions do not need to spend on the installation or maintenance of any software or worry about the data backups and infrastructure issues. Not only this, along with cloud LMS, Instancy also provides all the related IT maintenance support and software updates so that the customers and users can focus on their core business without worrying about the software, hardware, internet infrastructure management. Through Instancy, customers can access the learning anywhere and take advantage of superior service and the support.

No matter how big or small your organizations is, Instancy cloud LMS offering is the right solution to meet your needs. Whether you need a light weight LMS or a robust LMS to deliver blended learning programs, you can design the learning experience that best suits your needs. Get in touch with us to get a customized solution.

Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Integrated Learning Management System

Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Based Integrated Learning Management System and HTML5 based Authoring Tool and Platform form Instancy.

Tin Can API Integrated Learning Management System
Experience API, xAPI, Tin Can API Integrated Learning Management System

No doubt the new learning world has arrived with the speed of mobility, as Web 3.0 has become the new reality in organizations. The use of Android devices by Samsung, Motorola, and HTC, along with the Apple iPhone and iPad, has changed the way everyone receives and retains information. Additionally, we can now create new and intriguing mobile learning apps without coding.  Because there is always something new to discover, enhancing contemporary learning and increasing the knowledge base on a wide array of platforms are essential.

Traditional eLearning standards like SCORM (conceived in the late 1990s) are inadequate to meet the demands of digital and distributed learning today. We need a more flexible learning architecture that can enable learning to occur anyplace, anytime, with any device and support myriads of learning opportunities from traditional courseware, games, simulations and social interactions and sharing.

Instancy and its Tin Can API integration is now the answer. Implementing Tin Can API Integration within the Instancy Learning Management System (iLMS), along with Instancy Learning Content Management Systems (iLCMS), can create an integrated learning environment that interoperates data with other learning systems and legacy enterprise applications.

Instancy’s Tin Can API support allows you to:

  • Package your eLearning content with built-in support for Tin Can API after creating it within Instancy’s easy-to-use Authoring tools
  • Deliver the content through Instancy LMS and track user progress through a Learning Record Store (LRS)
  • Have it all translated into a learning progress report or a dashboard  

Instancy Learningplatform supports this new interoperability specification from Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL), Tin Can API also known as Experience API, to help any organization create, deliver and track learning content seamlessly on the web and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Instancy web-based authoring and Learning Content Management System (iLCMS) are designed to help you create SCORM compliant content. The iLCMS not only supports traditional SCORM (eLearning specification for content packaging and interoperability) but also supports the latest Tin Can API.

Instancy Tin Can-based Learning Management and HTML5 Authoring Platform
Instancy Tin Can-based Learning Management and HTML5 Authoring Platform


Tin Can API based eLearning content developed with Instancy web authoring tools & LCMS can be:

  • Delivered onto the web and mobile devices
  • Tracked within Instancy LMS for learner progress reporting 
  • Exported as SCORM packages with built-in Tin Can API calls for third party LMS/LRS delivery

The mobile learning content resources can be:

  • Delivered through a mobile browser
  • Downloaded on the mobile device via Instancy Native App framework.

Tracking offline and synching the learner experience and progress are also critical ingredients:

  • Instancy Platform and the Mobile App framework support learner experience supports offline tracking and synching with an LRS
  • Learning content may also be downloaded on a mobile device within the Instancy native learning app
  • The downloaded content can be launched in offline mode
  • The student experience and progress data is recorded locally on a mobile device, then synched back with the LRS when Internet access is available.

Next generation learning is here now – freedom to learn anywhere and on any device is what your audience expects. With Instancy, all the pieces of the next generation learning architecture puzzle come together. Tin Can API is a key component of next general learning architecture and Instancy is mission is to help you get there faster and better.