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Instancy Learning Management System (LMS) Integration with SalesForce and other Third Party Applications

Instancy Learning Management System integrates with many third-party applications and tools in order to make the learning process integrated with the business processes and workflow of day-to-day tasks. Instancy provides API connectors that allow other applications to send and receive data to and from Instancy LMS application.

Integration with CRM Applications Like SalesForce and SalesNet

Instancy integrates with CRM applications like salesforce (dot) com and SalesNet so that learning providers or training companies and businesses who store their data in salesforce (dot) com can verify the client or student records using the Salesforce integration API and other similar APIs and ensure that valid people are accessing the learning management system and assigned courses. In addition, Instancy LMS integrates with events in the SalesForce database that correspond with classroom or in-person training events within the learning management system.

Integration with Web-Conferencing Tools GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and WebEx

Instancy also integrates with web-conferencing tools such as GoToMeeting, GoToTraining and WebEx using API connectors. GoToMeeting can be used for conducting virtual classrooms. These tools enable users to connect in real time with peers and instructors and share slides and video, along with chatting in real time within the web conferencing tool.

The Instancy LMS integration with virtual meeting and virtual classroom tools like GoToMeeting and GoToTraining ensures that all virtual classroom sessions can be launched directly from within the LMS without needing to separately log on to a different application. In addition to that, new events or sessions can be created within the administrator interface of the Learning Management System, which means that you do not need to create these events in two different places; one within the LMS, and second within the virtual classroom tool. Moreover, the attendance of users within the virtual class can be accessed using an API and the Learning Management System can store the data for tracking and reporting purposes, so that the student has seamless access to all kinds of eLearning and virtual classroom activities within a single student portal.

Integration with Social Networking Sites

Instancy also provides integration with social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus. This allows users to log in with their social networking site credentials; for example, a user already has a Facebook or LinkedIn account to log into the LMS or to establish their photo and profile information so they don’t have to retype the data. The LMS can then access using this pre-existing username and password.

Integration with Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Instancy application can also share and retrieve information from HRIS Human Resources Information systems, allowing companies to maintain their employee records and their employment and performance records related information for learning management systems, designed to help employees access learning resources such as eLearning courses and classroom training events.

Instancy provides integration to Human Recourse Information System (HRIS) so that employee data can be retrieved from the HRIS and data does not need to be reentered to the Learning Management System manually. As such, if new employee records are either added or some existing records are removed, the Learning Management system will be updated with those changes; furthermore, the job profiles or job role assignment information for each employee can be used to personalize the assignment of the learning courses to each employee.

Integration with PayPal and AUTHORIZE dot Net

For learning providers, Instancy provides integration with various credit card processing systems such as PayPal and Authorize (dot) net; this integration allows an individual to buy an eLearning or classroom course or an eBook from their learning portal using their credit-card. The learning provider’s merchant account or Pay-Pal account gets credited and they receive an email notification for all the ecommerce transactions occurring on the eLearning portal. By providing seamless integration with credit card payment gateways, Instancy ensures that the ecommerce transactions can happen within the learning portal, without any need to leave it to go to another website.

Integration with Other Third Party Applications

Instancy also provides integration with a single sign-on and provides APIs to be able to create integration with any application. This could be a website or web application, so that the users already logged on to that site or that application can log on to Instancy and can connect to the Instancy learning management system without having to retype their username and password.

Instancy integrates with various content libraries such as Skill-Soft and Pearson-Education to enable access to various pre-existing libraries of courses, meaning that learning organizations can take advantage of generic off-shelf content.

This document describes some of the applications that Instancy LMS integrates with to enable seamless access and data integration across the enterprise and various information systems.

For a complete list of the all the third-party applications that Instancy integrates with, request a demo at: Request a Free Demo Now! .